No Good product exist without a dedicated service provider. Chronic Care Management is the CMS solution for poor health outcomes and rising costs, but the persons who help deliver the management may be the key component. Caregiving is emotional, physical, social or financial support. Together with healthcare providers, caregivers deliver the best health outcomes to seniors with social needs.

Caregivers often have the best insight to a persons health, as they spend more one-on-one time comparably. With the right tools and training, caregivers can track and report vital information to influence better treatment plans.   Caregivers reduce burdens of physical and social needs to allow seniors to age in place and maintain an independent lifestyle. They provide: transportation, companionship, meals, grooming and much more.  Without question the caregivers role is important in keeping seniors happy, safe and at home.


urCare supports Caregivers in their efforts of providing high level service and care. We provide case management support by helping appropriate community and social resources. We work diligently to connect all health constituents to one source, the primary care provider.
We offer additional health coaching and patient-centered plans that promote activation of healthy behaviors. Our coaches perform a high level of coordination and follow up to support the needs of your seniors.


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  • Promote better health outcomes for members
  • Cost free activities to engage members in health improvement (such as, SMART action planning, care team building, self-management training and more)
  • Case management caseload support
  • Improve member retention and satisfaction rate
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